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October e-Newsletter

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Check out our latest update on the mortgage rule changes, local real estate market, our listings and sales and some exciting personal news.

The twelve month average sale price of a Comox Valley home is $401,720, up 11% from 2015 and over $400,000 for the first time. The average lot price is $177,933, up 1%. If you purchased an ‘average’ home in 2006, you paid $293,254. If you bought an average lot in 2006, you paid $149,128.

In the 12 months ending September 30th, 2016, there were 2050 sales of all property types, a 29% increase over 2015. The highest number of annual sales was 2256 in 2007. The lowest was 879 in 1998. 2016 is only the second year of above average sales numbers since 2007. The twenty-two year average is 1533.

On a personal note, we are excited to announce that we are expecting our first baby December 2016. We will also be completing our new home build at the same time. This has been an incredible learning experience for us and, at times, an exercise in patience... all while dealing with morning sickness! There will be more exciting news in our November e-Newsletter. 

We hope you enjoyed some lazy summer days and have had a cozy start to fall. The real estate market has been showing no signs of slowing down, and it is left to be seen how the new mortgage rules will effect our local real estate market. Follow our Facebook page for sneak peaks on new listings, sales information, contests, blog updates and more.