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Gladstone Brewery in Courtenay, BC

Gladstone Brewing Company Courtenay, BC
Two weeks ago Jasmen and I were at the Sid Williams Theatre for one of her favorite movie screenings. We saw an old classic Marilyn Monroe movie called 'Some like it hot'. We decided to go scout the location of the new Brewery on 4th right around the corner. To our surprise they were open at 9:30pm on a Sunday! We slipped in for a quick pint. I had the Belgian Single which was delicious. I've since tried the Porter and can happily say we have great beer here locally in town. With the craft beer scene blowing up it's not hard to find a quality beer at the local shops. What makes me stoked about the new breweries in town like Gladstone and the Cumberland Brewing Company is we can get local tastes that support people right here in our community. Add to that Gladstone will be featuring pizza soon from the Guerrilla Food Company. Good by Target hello Gladstone and Guerrilla. Local businesses crushing big box stores in creativity and product!

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